2 Ton Hauler (also available in 4, 6 or 8 ton)

Heavy duty channel iron construction.

Industrial axle complete with leaf spring suspension and hydraulic brakes.

Adjustable hitch from 1 7/8" to 2 1/2" or a hinge with safety chains.

Material thermometer.

Fully insulated hopper and loading doors to minimize heat loss.

Heated shovelling platform.

Hopper shaped for easy unloading.

Single propane bottle holder mounted to the main frame.

Two shovel holders conveniently located on the unloading door.

All necessary stop and directional signal lights with 6-pole trailer connection.

Units receive primer coat prior to finish coat.

Standard paint color is black.

Heat grid to better heat cold mix asphalt.

Units comply with Canadian and United States motor vehicle safety standard No. 115.



Hand held propane torch for eliminating road moisture.

Automatic temperature control.

Skid mounted, no chassis.

Electric breakaway switch with battery.

Fire extinguisher with mounting bracket.

Tack tank.

Heat grid to better heat cold mix asphalt.

Dip well for cleaning small tools.

Customer's choice of paint color.



Shipping Weight - 1700lbs (772 kg)

Capacities Hot mix chamber - 4400lb (2000 kg) 2 Ton


 - Dimensions hopper opening - Width 44" - Length 48"

 - Unloading door opening - Height 12", Width 16" or Height 14", Width 18"

 - Shovelling platform - Height from ground 26", Width 50", Depth 12"


 - Vapour Propane - Due to our unique design we only need 80,000 btu with automatic safety shut-off valve

Vat insulation - 1-1/2" fibreglass

Brakes - Hydraulic

Suspension - Dual axle / Capacity 7000lbs (3182 kg)

Tires (4) 3T235 / 75R15, load range 2160 lbs, mounted on mag rims.