We use an impressive array of cold and hot water systems with a pressure varying between 3000 lbs and 6000 lbs whereas the flows are about 3 to 6 Gall. /min.


High Pressure Cleaning Jet Blast

This type of cleaning is applicable on any surface and the pressure of the jet is adjustable according to the hardness of the surface. With the help of different chemical products, this type of cleaning could remove oil painting spots (graffiti)…


High Pressure Cleaning Aqua Blast

This type of cleaning uses a mixture of water and sand. It is generally used on stone or concrete surfaces which requires an important abrasion, sand can clean about all (paint, rust, efflorescence…) as well as polish surfaces or to return them unequal depending on the size and the rigidity of the product to mix (sand, glass, soda…) The advantage to mix it in water is to avoid dust and to facilitate the collecting of it.